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A campaign to spread kindness

and assist food-insecure families

Although not readily visible, poverty and lack of resources have always been an issue for people living on the margins in the Hamptons. The Covid-19 crisis has pushed more people to the edge and created an increased need for those already struggling.  Shelters, childcare centers, elderly, and families in need are suffering from food shortages and lack of basic necessities.   While many in our community have stepped up to help, continued focus and support are still desperately needed.  


                          is an initiative to spread kindness and raise much-needed funds for the ongoing efforts of Hamptons Art Camp and Outreach to support food-insecure famiies.



Think of someone in your community that could use some kindness.  Maybe it's a neighbor, a friend, the mailman or other essential worker, maybe it's a local pantry.  Plan an act of kindness


Make a card, bake a cake, wash a car, bring supplies to a local food shelter, play a song for a lonely neighbor.  An act of kindness can be any action that you think will bring joy.  Be creative, have fun use the skills you have because kindness should come from your heart.  


 You've planned and created, now spread the kindness.  Not only will your act bring joy to someone else but we promise your whole day will feel brighter.   

Print #ICARE❤️ label. 



Share your act of kindness on social media with the hashtag #ICARE❤️ and #hamptonsartcamp. Then tag two friends and ask them to do same. Your act of kindness will catch on, and like a fire, kindness will spread and your efforts will help us continue to assist food-insecure families. 


Kindness is trending!  

Purchase #ICARE❤️ swag and tell the world you care.

All proceeds go to continuing our efforts to feed food-insecure families. 

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